Facebook Sabbatical

So, I’ve decided to take a Facebook hiatus (starting Monday at midnight).  While its timing corresponds to Facebook’s most recent changes, my hiatus has nothing to do with those changes (although, the mini-newsfeed thing on the right side is a pain because it lets me know every stupid little thing everybody does on everybody’s profile…even people I don’t know and don’t know me).

Even though I don’t waste my time playing Farmtownville or some stupid game like that (although, I do enjoy playing Words with Friends), it has still turned into a huge waste of time.  I like reading articles posted by people and groups I follow, like the Cato Institute, Reason, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, and by friends who post interesting things.  I have to sift through everything everybody posts because, no matter what they think, Facebook is not as intuitive as Mark Zuckerberg thinks and does a horrible job posting “top stories” I might be interested in and that just takes too much time.  (I realize many people may not share my interest in the things I post and find them boring or irrelevant and hate having to sift through what I post.  That’s fine.  At least you feel my pain.)

Once I find an article or something of interest, I also enjoy commenting on and discussing it.  Some of the comments sections are entertaining, insightful, and intelligent.  Unfortunately, many are equally boring, banal and downright stupid.  It’s hard to tell the difference until you actually read them.  In addition, until reading the comments, it’s impossible to tell if commenters are genuinely interested in discussing ideas or if they’re know-it-alls who have found a virtually captive audience (in large part, again thanks to Facebook’s Facebook-within-Facebook).  (It used to be you had to be a preacher or a politician to get that kind of audience.  The internet made everyone an expert at everything, but at least other websites, like blogs, aren’t pushed in my face like the information on Facebook…maybe it should be “In-Your-Face-Book”.  I digress.)

I’m no Luddite.  It’s not the technology of Facebook that bugs me.  I intend to return to Facebook in a more limited fashion later.  And I will be staying on Twitter because I can still get my news without the extraneous commentary and will still post things to Facebook from Twitter.  If you need me, contact me some other way besides Facebook…for now.


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